Germany's Leading electrical heating system.

Jawotherm heaters. Advantage through innovation. Jawo electric heaters are characterised by quality and manual work "Made in Germany" and are manufactured by us in the Darmstadt plant. Each electric radiator manufactured by us owns our high-quality Koalit® ceramic storage core. Whether as an electric radiator for your bathroom, living room or bedroom, our electric heater from Jawo® ensures a natural and pleasant feel-good heat without a fan. If you choose a Jawo® electric radiator, you will receive a high quality, reasonably priced aluminium product with our innovative and extremely heat-retaining Koalit® ceramic core.

JAWO electric heating is made of aluminium and is not just a simple heating system. It is an economical electric heating, superior to others thanks to innovation. We are driven by the ambition to constantly cope with new challenges and optimise our products to make them even more sustainable. Since we maintain close relations with our clients, we get the most direct and constructive critical remarks that enable us to search for improvements. Drawing conclusions from this feedback, we offer our clients sustainability, which is demanded by them everyday and that we must implement. The sustainability of our products is reflected in around 1000 hours of development, over 300 CAD drawings, eleven new prototypes and numerous trials. All these construction efforts have resulted in 150 practicable CAD drawings and three new marketable products. Among our innovative products there are accessories such as new wall brackets and aluminium towel racks. The plain pedestals were replaced by brackets for fixing heaters to the floor. Another alternative to pedestals are roll brackets. Due to a new concept of the convection profiles, JAWO heaters show a better relation between radiant and convection heat. We are the first German company to use integrated programmable electronic thermostats with an LCD-display. They are economical, transparent, precise and easy to handle. Errors due to radio transmitting or disturbances during the learning process now belong to the past – thanks to the innovative control technology of JAWO. A further innovation is our collection of aluminium bathroom heaters. They fit our established JAWO series style. We have managed to develop efficient and economical electric storage heaters. We use KOALIT, a material designed specifically for the accumulation of heat. It consists solely of natural materials (e. g. rapeseed oil) and minerals. One component of KOALIT is even being imported from Australia.

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